Why Video Marketing is So Powerful

As the internet continues to grow and evolve, social media sites and video hosting platforms like Youtube have become a major tool for business outreach and advertising campaigns. Video content is highly engaging, as it’s a medium that easily connects people, adding a human element that is not present through text-based content alone.

Video marketing harnesses the power of social media platforms where businesses can advertise their brand, post their content, increase their clientele, and enjoy profits. But you need to make the most of your marketing efforts. For this, you need an experienced team.

From optimizing your Youtube channel with high-quality content to filming a memorable live video to editing video footage, Minifridge Media is the Toronto video production company that can provide you with the insight and talent you need to put your best foot forward using video marketing.


What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is one part of digital marketing. It’s when you use video for several reasons:

Raise awareness of your brand, products, and/or services

Create engagement

Drive sales

Around 2014, video marketing became a tool for all sizes of businesses to use. Now, promotional videos, such as video ads, explainer videos, and more have come to dominate the marketing sphere, which means you need to bring your A-game if you want to stand out while reaching your target audience.

Video marketing overlaps with social media marketing because most videos will be posted on social media websites, such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube and others. When you post videos across various social media channels, it also improves your ranking on Google. A higher ranking in search engines like Google leads to more exposure and higher sales. A video on a landing page can also have a significant impact on your conversion rate.

That’s why video marketing is so powerful, and so important for your bottom line.

Video Marketing Statistics

If you need some video marketing statistics to convince you that video content is the next step for your business, we’ve got you covered.

According to Hubspot92% of video marketers in 2020 said that video content is a key aspect of their marketing strategy, increasing to 93% in 2021. This is the highest it’s been since 2015. Businesses need to move with the times. And video content is the movement you need to jump on now!

How do businesses benefit from video marketing? They need a video marketing strategy to stand out from their competitors.


What is a Good Video Marketing Strategy?

A good video strategy will help you stay in people’s minds and climb Google’s ranks, but how do you create one? Here are the steps to follow:

Outline your goals (What do you want to achieve with the video?)

Identify your target audience

List out the type of videos you want to film (video ads, explainer videos, interviews, etc.)

Make a budget

Gather the supplies and hire the people needed to film

Create your video

Do video editing

Share the video across all social media channels and your website

Track and monitor the video’s analytics and audience comments

When you work with Minifridge Media, we can assist you with the planning, video creation process, and video script by identifying and discussing your goals, budget, deadline, and more. Not everyone knows the ins and outs of video production like we do, so let’s work together and make an engaging video that helps you get found more quickly by search engines and potential customers.


Let Us Help You Create a Cool Online Video

It’s time to start creating video content for your business! Our team includes video marketers who can help you reach your target audience through a variety of marketing videos and content, including branded content and corporate video production.

Consult the Minifridge Media team to start planning an effective video marketing strategy!

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