What is Video Production: A Definitive Guide

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Video production is the process of producing visual content for television or the internet. Some examples include television commercials, business marketing videos, short films, and movies.

But not everyone needs a video production company for their video content. In some cases, such as live events, a videographer is a more appropriate choice. When deciding on using video production options, businesses aren’t always well-versed in the film industry to know what is needed, what is involved, or how much it costs.

But not to worry! Minifridge Media is here to provide you with answers. Bear in mind that video production takes time. Most projects cannot be completed in a day or two if you want something that’s high quality. Browse our services to learn more about the video content we produce

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The Video Production Process

Why is the video production process important? There are many moving parts. Having a video production process in place means that goals are met in a timely fashion and fewer revisions are made.

Additionally, the project has a budget and a deadline that needs to be met, making it vital for the video production team to keep one eye on the clock while working. Everyone needs to know what to do and when to do it.

Common questions to consider:

How much will it cost to produce a video?

How much planning time is needed to make the video?

How much editing time is needed before the final video is produced?

Production rates rely on time and the number of employees hired. Whether you’re pitching a video idea or in the post-production phase, each project and type of video is different, so the amount of time will always vary. Adding days and crew members to the production also increases the price. The longer the production, the more it will cost.

What are the Three Stages of Video Production?

The three main phases of video production are:

Pre-production phase, which includes:

  • Research
  • Scriptwriting

Production phase, which includes:

  • Planning the Shoot
  • Shooting the Video

Post-production phase, which includes:

  • Video Editing
  • Colouring, Sound Design & VFX


A good video production team springboards into the project by conducting research for the video pitch. Craft the video pitch in a way that captures the brand of the client. Whether you’re producing commercials or social media videos, a professional will scour the client’s marketing materials and website, as well as ask questions, to understand the best way to create a video that embodies the client’s brand history, core services, and unique qualities.

Review competitors’ videos, step back to look at the client’s entire industry, and pinpoint who the target audience is. The video team should find examples of videos already out there and develop an outline for ways of integrating the research of the client’s brand.

By taking elements that the team likes from existing videos, they improve upon them for the client’s video to make something new. At the end, the video team will have a unique series of marketing messages that help the client to stand out.

Then, the video team searches for a concept to match the client’s type of video, as well as an appropriate tone. For example, corporate videos are often serious, so a more light-hearted and comedic tone may be a better match for the client’s brand. At the pre-production meeting, present the client with several ideas to give them a choice.

If the client likes the video team’s method and video idea, the team will create a script that hooks the audience and keeps them engaged, all while having the budget in mind.

PRO TIP: It’s best to write scripts that can be realistically completed.

Once the team receives the client’s feedback, they make revisions, and wait for the green light from the client’s project point person and key stakeholders. Now, pre-production is complete, and the video team can move on to the next phase.

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The video producer and line producer find and audition potential cast members, hire crew members, scout locations, and order props and costumes.

The video team runs everything by the client and’or project point person to ensure the crew is following the spirit of the video concept and staying within budget. The video production team also handles the paperwork and ensures that they have the necessary permissions for the production.

The sets are readied for filming with the setting up of sound, video camera, and lighting equipment. All the raw materials are captured as they bring the story to life, whether it’s for marketing videos or interviews. Capturing b-roll footage and recording voiceovers are also completed during this phase.

The producer or video production team will confer with the client’s project point person to ensure everything is going according to the initial version of the video.



This is where the magic happens! The editing process is accomplished with the help of industry-level software.

If the project requires a voiceover, the video production company will provide the client with access to their library to choose a suitable voice. The process also consists of reviewing the footage and assembling the story by adding music, special effects, colouring, and more, so the finished video has that Hollywood quality rather than that of an iPhone video.

Note: Minifridge Media’s revision process for pre-production and post-production comes with unlimited revisions because we want you to love the final video. Find more details about our video production process by contacting us directly.

What Does a Video Producer Do?

Depending on the video production company, the video producer, video team, or both will handle the same tasks with the client. A video producer is involved in a lot of the video production process. Some of their tasks were mentioned above, but here is a more complete list:

During the pre-production stage, the video producer meets with the client’s project point person to work out the details of the video, including timelines, character identification, and location details.

The video producer reviews scripts and ensures that the client has approved them. They will also verify whether or not project questions have been answered, characters have been screened, and the location finalized.

The producer may do a site visit during the pre-production stage if they deem it necessary.

During the production stage, the video producer confers with the client and project point person about any additional ideas or components the client wants in the final product.

The producer is present for auditions, reviews crew hires, and supervises the production.

The producer tracks the deadline and budget to ensure that everything is going according to plan and achieved under the budget.

At the post-production stage, the video editor and producer work together to review all the footage. If interviews were conducted, the producer transcribes them.


Hire a Top Video Production Company in Toronto

As you can see from all these details, the video production process is extensive. Minifridge Media is happy to answer any questions you may have, from the pre-production process to the post-production process to final delivery. We make cool videos, and now, you know how!

Our professional video production team has produced and worked on a diverse range of video content from pre-production to post-production. If you require a video with a script, then a video production company is what you need. We have the resources to provide scripts, storyboards, animation, motion graphics, narration, and more! We can even do recordings in a studio environment.

Get a quote today to start working with our video production team!

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