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Keep it real.

Not every video needs actors and a script. Whether you want to do a talking head interview, show off video footage of a recent event, or do a full-blown documentary on your company and its mission, Minifridge Media has a proven track record and enough docu experience to rival Werner Herzog. Lights, camera, reality!



There are a ton of subgenres that fit under the documentary umbrella. We’re talking about documenting reality, after all, and reality comes in many forms. Here are some of the general categories of docu-style videos that we do; if you don’t see what you’re looking for here, just ask, our video production services can handle it.

Video Type 1__Talking Head Interviews


This is the fundamental building block of all documentaries. Think of the possibilities for your corporate video production; you could talk about your company, you could answer FAQs, or give market updates. After all, what is a news broadcast, if not a bunch of talking heads giving us important information?


There are two tricks to creating a good talking head video. First, we like to conduct a pre-production interview with the subject to see what their most interesting answers are going to be, and re-jig the questions so they'll better encourage those good answers. Second, we go to the location ahead of time and pick the most interesting background possible. 


If an event falls in the woods and nobody’s around to recap it, did it even really happen? Minifridge Media has covered all kinds of events over the years, and they’ve been some of our favourite gigs. We’ll usually show up with two or three camera operators, maybe a drone, and a sound recordist who can plug into the AV system and capture the speeches and toasts.

From conferences and networking events, to launch parties and company retreats, we’ve shot and edited it all. Get our team to shoot your event and you’ll walk away with a priceless memory and an invaluable promotional tool.

Video Type 2__Event Recaps
Video Type 3__Company Profiles


When companies talk about wanting to ‘tell their story’, this is the kind of video they mean. It’s usually a mix of talking head interviews and B-Roll footage, although sometimes it can be B-Roll and voiceover.


These videos take a lot of prep and forethought. We don’t just show up to your office and hope for the best. We learn all there is to know about your business and industry, we conduct pre-interviews with the team, and we figure out a narrative that everyone can agree on. Then, when we shoot, we’re looking for interview soundbites and imagery that support this narrative.


Let’s say you’ve got a really cool new product, and you want to show people how it works (not to mention how well it works). In the old days, these were called infomercials. Then they were called instructional videos. Now, in the age of YouTube, we call them product demos or product videos.


When people look up your product on YouTube, do you want them to find some random customer’s opinions and rantings, or do you want them to find an official, polished, how-to video that they can follow along with? That’s what we thought.

Video Type 4__Product Demos
Video Type 5__Customer Testimonials


Isn’t it wonderful to hear people say nice things about you? Word of mouth and testimonials are strong motivators for consumers trying to make a purchase decision. You could also call these videos ‘case studies’, since we can go beyond the simple interview format of traditional testimonial videos and do a whole mini-doc about the specific ways that your product or service has benefitted this individual and their business.

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"They got our business immediately and lead with a script that was pretty much dead on from the get-go. Their corporate video of OMX allowed us to automate our sales process further, by including the video as the initial "demo" of OMX."


Nicole Verkindt
Dragon on CBC's Next Gen Den