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Call this whatever you want: a commercial, a TV spot, a digital video, a pre-roll ad, a piece of social content. The point is, if it’s narrative – if it has actors and sets and costumes and dialogue– our professional video production team can make it for you. We love telling stories with interesting characters and compelling situations.



As we said up top, the word ‘commercial’ can mean a lot of things... or it can mean nothing, if you're asking a jaded Gen Z influencer-type. (They’d probably just call it a ‘sponsored post'). Here are some of the kinds of video projects we make under the bracket of "narrative commercial."

Video Type 1__TV Spots


Whether it’s a pre-roll ad that plays before a YouTube video, or a sponsored social post that you see while scrolling through your feed, these ads find you where you live. Not only that, they can be targeted directly to your customers. You can find thin slivers of your demographic and show them an ad that’s tailored to their wants and needs.


There’s a reason why this form of video marketing is the most popular; it works. It gets people clicking and buying, but only if it’s well-done and entertaining. Get it wrong and your brand videos become a nuisance; get it right and you’re a market leader. 


In the age of streaming, it goes without saying that TV is not what it used to be. While traditional TV is still playing everywhere you look, from dentist’s offices to gyms to bars and restaurants, it’s not the dominant form of video content that it once was.

Still, there’s a level of prestige that comes with TV commercials. They win the big awards, and any major campaign worth its salt is going to lead with a juicy 30-second spot. As long as the Superbowl plays on TV instead of Netflix, this format will remain the height of advertising.

Video Type 2__Digital Ads
Video Type 3__Social Content


There’s nowhere people like to spend more quality time these days than on social media. That’s when, whenever we do a longer ad for a client, we’ll cut up the video footage into bite-sized chunks and change the aspect ratio to square or story-size, so that they can post it on TikTok and Instagram and have it blend right in. 


Sometimes we go even further, and create high-quality video content that’s organic and natural to social. The goal is to create pictures and videos that feel indistinguishable from any other post a user might see in their feed. This takes the skill and craft of authentic influencers, so we’ll often hire those people to create that content alongside us while we shoot the video project.

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"When our firm reached out to Minifridge Media, we had a very specific goal in mind: tell a story and tell it well. Without a doubt, they captured our objectives impeccably. In the end, we were left with a product that has enhanced our business and brand far beyond our expectations."

S. Robichaud
Lead Counsel, Robichaud's