What Is the Best Video Format for Websites?

Prior to the rise of online video platforms, video content was limited to films, television and commercials. These days, people can access a video clip quickly and easily through a large number of platforms, and there are dozens of video file formats to choose from for Youtube videos, live streaming, and more!

So, what is the best video format for websites? By today’s standards, WebM has been deemed to be the best video format for websites, but keep in mind that you may need to use other formats, depending on where you want to post or store your video.

If you want to make videos for your business, it’s essential that you understand the benefits of the file formats out there. You will want the highest possible audio and video to cast your brand in the right light and engage viewers.

When you work with the Minifridge Media team, we will explain the upsides and downsides of particular video formats for your video media.


What Are Video Formats?

Video file formats act as containers for audio, video, subtitle, and other metadata storage.

Storing a video requires lossy compression to store it using less space. Lossy compression is where some original data, usually redundant data, is permanently removed from the video file during compression. Lossless compression does not remove any data.

By knowing the video format, an individual learns what the codec and container is to choose a suitable player for viewing and listening to the video.

What Is a Video Codec and Video Container?

Video files are composed of two parts: a codec and a container. The word ‘codec’ derives from the term ‘enCOde/DECode’. Video codecs are a programming and deprogramming protocol. You’re probably familiar with them but didn’t know they were codecs, including:






A video codec that is well-structured is also capable of quality preservation during file compression.

While a video codec determines how the video is programmed, the container explains how the file metadata and data are designed, i.e., the video format, which is indicated by the file extension. When you look at video and audio files, you will see the title of the file followed by a period and the file extension, for example, .avi and .mp4. Container formats can be combined with a variety of codecs, which determines device and software compatibility. Do you need a corporate video production team in Toronto? Contact Minifridge Media with the details of your project!


What Video File Formats Are There?

There are quite a few video file formats that can be used, but each one offers benefits and drawbacks. Usually, people complain about a video format because it’s not compatible with all browsers, software programs, and devices. With the internet having such a prominent place in people’s lives - especially after COVID - video creators and business owners must choose a video file format that most web browsers can support.

PRO TIP: MP4 and WEBM are browser-compatible video formats.

Here are some of the most common video formats out there today:


Introduced by Microsoft, the AVI video format is still widely used since it uses less compression compared to other video formats, such as MOV and MPEG. An AVI video file can be created without compression, providing a lossless video file.


This video format may be on its way out, but it’s still used around the world. FLV was designed for only the Adobe Flash Player. It’s commonly used for online platforms where viewers stream videos, like on Youtube and Google Video. The FLV video format is versatile and allows people to easily download videos since the file size is often small. However, it’s not compatible with iOS devices and many other types of mobile devices.


The MKV format is adaptive, as it can handle video, subtitles, and audio within one file. And it’s supportive of audio and video formats.


MOV files have their pros and cons, namely they provide high-quality video and audio, but it takes up a lot of space. This file format was created by Apple, but MOV files can be played with Windows’ QuickTime player since the files use MPEG-4 programs. The MOV video file format is compatible with TV viewing and can be uploaded onto Youtube and Facebook.


MP4 is the short form of MPEG-4 Part 14. As a result, it utilizes the MPEG-4 encoding program for video and audio file storage, as well as text storage. It’s a file format that allows videos to work on all social media platforms, and it’s preferred by Apple. MP4 is compatible with most devices, retaining a high quality of video in relatively small file sizes.


Created by Google in 2010, WebM is considered the best video format because it’s an open-source video format designed using HTML5. This video format was engineered with the current and future state of the internet in mind. As a result, it’s supported by most browsers: Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer.


People can download Windows Media Player to watch a video in the wmv video format. Created by Microsoft, the WMV format can also be viewed on a Mac as long as users download a WMV player. WMV files are a high-quality video format, but the files will take up a lot of space.

If you’re still not sure which is the best video format for your promotional videos, let us help!


We Use the Best Video Formats for Your Project

Depending on what you need, our team will use various video formats to provide high-quality videos that are supported by most browsers. We specialize in branded content, including social media ads, corporate videos, and commercials.

Minifridge Media is not only experienced in video production, but we also know how to reach your target audience. The secret is that we create videos that stay true to each company’s values and identity. From conception to filming to video editing, we ensure that your video content stands out from the rest.

View our demo reel, or contact us today to get started!

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