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truLOCAL delivers you a box of butcher-shop quality meat every month. But despite what you may assume, their customers aren’t Joe Rogan-listening, weight-lifting Paleo bros. They’re women in their 40s & 50s who buy for the convenience and quality. So we knew for certain that the video would need this type of customer as the lead character.

THE Videos

After pitching several concepts, we settled on one central idea: truLOCAL gives you all the benefits of having a farmer, a butcher and a delivery guy as roommates, but with none of the downsides. Of course, the downsides are the funny part, so we had to show what it *would* be like to have these people as your roommates first. And that turned out to be comedy gold.

Social Media Versions

Since the video is comprised of mini-skits featuring these three comedic characters, it was pretty easy to split it up into shorter versions (“The Farmer,” “The Butcher”) as well as a version that focused on just the customer journey and excised the comedic elements entirely.

truLOCAL__Still 1
truLOCAL__Still 2
truLOCAL__Still 3

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1 x Full Length Video

2 x 30 Second Spots

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Minifridge Media

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Minifridge Media

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Andrew Osborne


Mariana Rossi

Andrew Osborne

Actors /

Esther Rogers
Derek Kealy
Tony Kauch
Robert George Cook
Abdul-Shakur Alawi

Casting Director /

Molly Knight

Assistant Director /

Brendon Cabral

Director of Photography /

Kevin Lien

1st AC /

Emily DeBackere

Grip /

Satrio Prahasto

Gaffer /

Sam Holling

Swing /

Michael Yull

Production Design /

K. Selina Nagales

Art Assistant /

Laura Prieto

Stylist /

Shira Hershkop

Stylist On-set /

Esme Mcbride

Sound /

Jake Moss

Make-up & Hair /

Su-Jin Lee

Script Supervisor /

Cristina Mitchell

PA /

Cyrus Lo

Editor /

Andrew Osborne

Assistant Editor /

Mariana Rossi

Colourist / 

Erik Bayley, Nice Shoes

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