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We use humour, creativity, and the power of filmmaking to hook audiences and turn them into customers.

The Top Tier Toronto Video Production Company You Need

Everyone wants to market with video these days. And it's easy to see why.


A well-made promotional video will explain your business's concept and value to potential customers faster than text or images ever could.


Check out our demo reel to see some of our work.

Minifridge Media is a Toronto video production company that makes effective video content for brands, agencies, organizations.

In an age of limited attention spans, you want your brand to stand out and be memorable. You want to make high-quality video content that lands with an explosion, not a dull thud.

You want to make videos that people actually want to watch.


We want to help you. We love making videos and we’re damn good at it. If you’re a business with no idea where to start, we can guide you through every step in the process, from video concept creation all the way through the post-production editing process. If you’re a creative agency with a script, we can make those boards come alive. Either way, you’ll come away with dynamite video projects. Are you ready for it to blow up?

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If your idea of a good video involves actors and sets and costumes and dialogue, then you're in the right place. We love telling stories with interesting characters and compelling situations.


We believe that the best way to get someone to watch an ad all the way through is to make them laugh, which is why we specialize in funny commercials. But we have been known to create emotionally compelling commercials that range from serious to inspirational to sentimental and beyond. We can be very deep.

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Whether you want to do a talking head interview, show off a recent event, or do full-blown documentary videos about your company and its mission, Minifridge Media can help you make attention-grabbing documentaries. We love taking video footage of real people and real events and turning them into moving docu-narratives.


With Minifridge as your corporate video production company, we’ll scout out your office, pre-interview your people, and plan out the video’s structure on paper, before sending an experienced documentary camera crew with all the necessary equipment to shoot your corporate videos or testimonial videos for real. Then, we’ll carefully craft the narrative in the editing room. The post-production process is where all great documentaries are truly born.


Sometimes you need promotional videos, but don’t necessarily want to bother with all those cameras, lights, and crew people. Luckily, there are plenty of terrific video productions that can be made entirely on the computer. Animation videos are the most obvious example, but this category also includes stuff like stock footage product videos and commercials, explainer videos with text overlays, and even Zoom interviews. With Minifridge as your video production partner, we can help you achieve the eye-popping motion and VFX that will make your brand videos pop.

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The making of every video is worthy of its own video. Check out our Instagram for behind-the-scenes photos, and read the captions for insights into how we come up with ideas and solve problems. From pre-production services through the shoot and all the way to the final product, the energy and attention the Minifridge team brings to the whole process is what sets us apart from other video production companies.

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