5 Ways To Grow Your Business With Video


Without a doubt, 2020 will go down in the history books as an unprecedented time of upheaval and uncertainty. Few could have expected that a global pandemic would upend so many of the regular activities that we take for granted, but now that COVID-19 appears to be winding down, everyone is excited to move on to the next chapter.

If you own or operate a business, particularly one that was unable to operate normally during the pandemic, now is a great time to embrace the power of video to help get your business back on track.

Between high-quality branded video content and corporate videos, you can take your business to the next level and create a corporate culture that will stand the test of time. Here are five ways that using video can help your business grow and thrive in a post-covid world:

1 – Revamp Your Social Media Presence

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For many companies, now is the perfect time to overhaul their social media efforts and send dated content to the curb. Particularly for businesses that serve the public, such as venues, restaurants and bars, whose existing social media campaigns were derailed by the arrival of the pandemic. Now, new branded video content will show the world that you are back and better than ever.

It is widely understood that video content generates far more engagement on social media platforms than the combination of text and images, but not everyone realizes how wide the gulf between these formats really is.

And it’s not a matter of a few percentage points. In fact, video posts are several orders of magnitude more powerful. For example, tweets with video get ten times as much engagement as tweets without video! So, even though high-quality video content can be more time consuming to produce, the payoff is well worth the wait.

Before you roll out your new videos, make sure to take the particular quirks, considerations and constraints of each social media platform into consideration and adjust your format as needed to have the greatest impact.

For example, an estimated 85% of FB users scroll through their feeds with the sound off, and more than 90% of videos viewed through Twitter are on mobile devices. So, if you’re targeting either (or both) of these platforms make sure to prepare videos that include captioning and are properly formatted for mobile viewing.

2 – Use Video to Guide Customers Through Your Conversion Funnel


Branded video content has a valuable role to play in email marketing campaigns, one that many companies overlook. Just as social posts are more powerful with video, so too are marketing emails. When emails include video, their click-through rates increase by 200 – 300%!

Top-of-Funnel Videos

Videos that grab the viewer’s attention and promote brand awareness are the best way to introduce your business to new potential clients. These videos can be helpful for social, website or email content to help generate leads or build buzz around a new product or service before launch.

Bottom-of-Funnel Videos

Video content that focuses on answering common questions expressed by your customers provides the final push that turns high-quality leads into conversions. These explainer videos make a wonderful addition to reactivation campaigns, as well as product web pages.

3 – Give Your Website a Boost


Enriching your website with a new batch of videos will not only improve the user experience of your site but also can help your site perform better on search engines.

Web sites with high-quality video can easily outrank a keyword-stuffed website because your users tend to spend more time on site, which will lower your bounce rate, among other improvements in user experience analytics.

Let Your Customers Get to Know You

People often make strong emotional connections to the people behind the brand, so letting your customers know more about you and your team can go a long way to building brand loyalty. If you have a great story about how your company came to be or how it overcame challenges, make a video about it to share with the world.

4 – Use Corporate Videos to Build Your Vision

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Using corporate video content can raise your company’s profile, establish your place in the market and help drive the recruitment of top talent.

If you are looking to catch the attention of potential investors or business partners, a crisp company profile video will take you further than even the most finely worded communique because they let you present your company’s strengths in a resounding and impactful way that will stay with viewers.

If you’re looking to build from within, the right recruitment video will take a load off the shoulders of your human resources department. Recruitment videos provide potential applicants with some insight into your company’s culture, which will help attract candidates with genuine interest and passion, who are much more likely to become valuable employees.

5- Show Your Support

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Connection to community is how businesses create goodwill and carve out a lasting place in their market. By showing your company’s support for social causes or community initiatives, either with a promotional video or branded video content, you can reinforce your connections with customers, employees and the local community.

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