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What Is the Best Video Format for Websites?

Prior to the rise of online video platforms, video content was limited to films, television and commercials. These days, people can access a video clip quickly and easily through a large number of platforms, and there are dozens of video file formats to choose from for Youtube videos, live streaming, and more! So, what is […]

What Should a Corporate Video Include?

In today’s world of video marketing, it’s not enough to have a corporate video that looks good. You want your corporate video to stand head and shoulders above a generic brand video, one that showcases what makes your company unique and engages viewers. If this sounds like the type of corporate video you’re looking for, […]

Why Video Marketing is So Powerful

As the internet continues to grow and evolve, social media sites and video hosting platforms like Youtube have become a major tool for business outreach and advertising campaigns. Video content is highly engaging, as it’s a medium that easily connects people, adding a human element that is not present through text-based content alone. Video marketing […]

5 Ways To Grow Your Business With Video

Without a doubt, 2020 will go down in the history books as an unprecedented time of upheaval and uncertainty. Few could have expected that a global pandemic would upend so many of the regular activities that we take for granted, but now that COVID-19 appears to be winding down, everyone is excited to move on […]

What is Video Production: A Definitive Guide

Video production is the process of producing visual content for television or the internet. Some examples include television commercials, business marketing videos, short films, and movies. But not everyone needs a video production company for their video content. In some cases, such as live events, a videographer is a more appropriate choice. When deciding on […]

Video Production Jobs: 5 Career Paths in the Film Industry Explained

When people dream of their future careers in the film industry, many might imagine being a movie star, a famous writer or top-tier director. However, those aren’t the only jobs to be had. Whether you’re making an indie film or working on a big budget commercial, it takes a team of dozens (or more) to […]

Minifridge Media founder Andrew Osborne featured on Creatives Grab Coffee Podcast

Our friends at LAPSE Productions, Kyrill Lazarov & Dario Nouri, recently started a podcast called ‘Creatives Grab Coffee’ where they interview fellow filmmaking professionals in Toronto, and Andrew was one of their first guests. Here’s the description of Creatives Grab Coffee, from their website: “A platform where creatives and business professionals discuss industry topics, ideas […]

Latest UpCity Blog features Minifridge Media

In a new guest blog on Upcity entitled ‘How a Promotional Video is Made,’ Minifridge Media founder Andrew David Osborne uses the real life example of the Chuck’s Roadhouse Grill commercial to explain how we make our videos, from casting to food-dressing to getting a consistent look in the colour-grade. Filled with funny stories and […]

Minifridge Media founder Andrew David Osborne to participate in #I’mDoingIt mentorship program.

Andrew David Osborne was a speaker at the launch of A Brand New Thing!, a creative marketing agency that helps brands and entrepreneurs turn dreams into reality, and now he’s been asked back to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs. Dami Eluyera, founder of A Brand New Thing!, said in a recent LinkedIn post regarding her decision to […]

Video Spotlight: Brili

In this continuing series, we will be taking an in-depth look at one of our promotional videos: what went into making it, and the kind of ROI that our client got out of it! They say that the number one rule in filmmaking is to avoid working with children and dogs. In this video for […]