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Sometimes you need a video, but don’t necessarily want to bother with all those cameras, lights, and crewpeople that come with video production services. Luckily, there are many kinds of high-quality video content that can be made entirely on the computer. Animated videos are the most obvious example, but this category also includes stuff like stock footage commercials, moving photos with text overlays, and even Zoom interviews.



We’re all about opening up your mind to possibilities you haven’t considered. If you need some video content for your business but you don’t have a lot of budget to work with, our video production agency offers a variety of solutions that would be perfect for you.

Video Type 2__Digital Ads


If you’ve ever been involved in video production, you may have heard the term ‘motion graphics’ (or simply ‘motion’) and wondered what everyone was talking about. Motion graphics is basically animated graphic design. It refers to videos that feature a lot of moving, colourful text.


It’s already a component in many of our live-action branded content; text shout-outs, name tags, and logo animations are all examples of motion graphics. We can create a video campaign based around motion graphics, with maybe some stock photos thrown in just to liven things up.


In the real world, you run into limits constantly, but in an animated video project, you can only be limited by your imagination. Many people ask us about animated videos because they assume they’re much less expensive to create than a live-action video, but that’s not necessarily true.


These videos take a ton of work to create, and they can cost just as much, so price shouldn’t be the main factor in deciding whether to do animated or live-action. Rather, you must think about the end product, and what effect you want video marketing efforts to have on your target audience, and then decide whether animation is the best way to achieve that effect.

Video Type 2__Digital Ads
Video Type 3__Zoom Interviews


Before the pandemic, this type of video was very rare, but now it’s becoming quite common. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to get a stream of content going on your socials, website and YouTube channel. The important thing here is the interview content must be interesting and relevant to your audience.


If you can handle that, we can take care of making it look good; that includes consulting on the background and lighting of the Zoom window, doing a high-quality screen recording, and sprucing up the video with lots of motion graphics to create a professional end product that will leave a lasting impression.


Stock footage is a wonderful tool that is used at every level of video production, including feature films. Some filmmakers pad out their stories with stock footage when they can’t film something otherwise, whether it be archival footage, or an establishing helicopter shot of a city skyline.


At Minifridge Media, we can create entire commercials for your business using only stock footage. It may sound cheesy, but we are allergic to cheese; we only accept the best, most natural-looking, cinematic stock footage available. Your customers won’t tell the difference, and you’ll save a bundle on filming your brand videos.

Video Type 4__Stock Footage

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