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You've got an amazing product/service/company. Now it's time to tell the world about it and get them excited. You have two options: put some text and images on your website and hope for the best. Or, create a kick-ass promotional video that will carry your message throughout the GTA, across Ontario and around the world. It's up to you—but we know what your potential customers would prefer.

Why We're Here

At Minifridge Media, our team of writers, directors, producers and editors know how to craft engaging video. Toronto-based vendors with a wide range of products and services rely on our video production services because we articulate their message in a way that makes sense for their business at the right price.


At every stage of the video production process, our team focuses on how we can elevate the brand and business goals of our Toronto-based clients. By listening to our clients and adding our own special creative magic, we produce powerful and memorable content that will help your company outshine other vendors in your category.



Through the use of the latest techniques and industry best practices, our videographers deliver messages that help each of our clients stand out. Over the years, the Minifridge team has helped vendors throughout Toronto and the GTA with the following types of promotional videos.



Although most people associate television commercials with only the largest brands in each category, Toronto-based small and medium-sized businesses reap major rewards through this type of content.


Television reaches a (largely) captive audience, where their attention is focused on your company’s brand and offerings. Television commercials have a more powerful and more enduring effect than many other forms of advertising, and they have been shown to influence purchasing decisions with greater frequency than other forms of advertising.


For a Toronto company targeting new customers in the GTA, putting their commercial online pays huge dividends. Even for local service providers who do not have a widespread reach, the web is where they find their customers.


Because it is so versatile and cost-effective, online commercials are a powerful way of initiating a conversation with clients. Since potential customers who view your ad can reach out with the click of a button, you get increased chances of a conversion.



These days, large markets like Toronto are flooded with choices, which is why so many companies are opting for a value-based offer instead of a sales pitch. With a carefully crafted brand video, you give you customers something to identify with and create attachment to.

Consumers love getting an up-close and in-depth look at the products and services they have in mind, something that our brand videos are perfectly suited to offer.


For Toronto companies with niche products and services, the best way to unravel the shroud of mystery around them is with demonstration and explainer videos. With this type of video content, companies can give their customers a succinct and targeted rundown of their main sales points, while addressing common questions and points of confusion.



Sharing the positive experiences of your customers is advertising gold. With customer testimonial videos, your clients will sell your product with great authenticity and impact, which will help your company build a loyal following in Toronto and around the world.


If you want to have successful fundraising efforts in Toronto, you need people to make an emotional connection with your cause. And video is the perfect medium to create that attachment. With a powerful fundraising video, you could bring a local Toronto cause well beyond the GTA and smash your fundraising goals.


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"When our firm reached out to Minifridge Media, we had a very specific goal in mind: tell a story and tell it well. Without a doubt, they captured our objectives impeccably. In the end, we were left with a product that has enhanced our business and brand far beyond our expectations."

S. Robichaud
Lead Counsel, Robichaud's

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