Video production is a careful balance of planning and execution. Here's the two-part process of how we pull off your video.

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Preparation is everything. By the time we show up on set, all the details have been worked out beforehand in order to make for a smooth shoot. Here are some of those details:

We cast the video.

First, we do a search of all the actors who could play the roles. We put together a document listing their ages, heights, pictures, and reels. Then, after reviewing the options with you, we hire the perfect actors to represent your particular brand.

We scout locations.

Some videos can be filmed entirely in your office. For others, more elaborate locations are required. We try to save you money by shooting in places you already have access to, but if the budget allows, we can find any type of location for shooting, from restaurants to studios.

We find costumes and props.

Is the main character in your commercial a firefighter, a talking robot, a caregiver, or a stay-at-home mom? Whatever concept we dreamed up for you, now we start bringing it to life through the clothes the characters wear and the objects they use. A story is only as good as its characters, and we want to create iconic ones for your brand.

We handle the insurance and permits.

Shooting a video involves lots of paperwork. It’s important to make sure we have permission for everything we shoot, so that everything is clean and legal and you own your video 100%: no ifs, ands, or lawsuits. From location insurance to actor’s permission forms, we cover all the angles.

Now that we’ve done our homework, it’s time for the fun part—shooting your video!

Some of the Companies We've Made Videos For:

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Here’s a few reasons why Minifridge Media is the best possible company to shoot your next commercial or corporate video project.

We shoot with the most advanced cameras and equipment possible.

At Minifridge Media, we shoot most of our commercials on the RED Epic Dragon, the same exact camera used to film most Hollywood movies, as well as television commercials. (This doesn't mean we charge Hollywood prices).

We shoot in 4K.

This means our videos are perfect for social media. We can crop them into square format without losing any resolution.

We hire experienced, professional crews.

Our camera teams are the best in the business. They’re ready to move at a moments notice; they’re true artists; and above all, they’re incredibly professional and polite, which means you can feel comfortable bringing them into your office.

We offer freelance directing services.

Our founder, Andrew David Osborne, is an accomplished director, having directed every video in the Minifridge Media portfolio. He’s also directed videos on behalf of other companies and brands, and he’s available to direct your video. Ask for his day rate here.


"Minifridge Media was both skillful and thorough in delivering the product, all while respecting the schedule and budget. Andrew David Osborne has a great creative mind and brought indispensable vision to the project."
Pierre Seguin

Pierre Seguin
CEO, Brili