Minifridge Media founder Andrew David Osborne to participate in #I’mDoingIt mentorship program.

Andrew David Osborne was a speaker at the launch of A Brand New Thing!, a creative marketing agency that helps brands and entrepreneurs turn dreams into reality, and now he’s been asked back to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs.

Dami Eluyera, founder of A Brand New Thing!, said in a recent LinkedIn post regarding her decision to ask Andrew to be a mentor:

“When you choose a mentor, don’t just focus on the career they’ve had, but the character they’ve built. Character is built in the process of getting what you want. Andrew embodies TENACITY, RESILIENCE and RISK TOLERANCE.”

She continued with:

“After being let go from his only real job in the “commercial world”, Andrew took a hold of his career, flipping through company directories and making calls endlessly till he got a shot. Today, he’s building the dream.”

Andrew is currently providing mentorship to three aspiring entrepreneurs who are all interested in the field of commercial production.

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