Minifridge Media featured in ‘Business News Daily’!

In a recent article entitled ’13 Ways To Do What You Love For a Living’, Business News Daily asked Andrew David Osborne how he was able to turn his passion for filmmaking into a profitable business.

You can read the full article here, or you can read the Minifridge Media portion below!

Discover how to profit from your passion

Andrew David Osborne, the founder of Minifridge Media, left a career in sales in 2016 to start his business, which specializes in corporate videos. While this wasn’t necessarily his “dream job,” taking this leap helped him inch closer to his career aspirations. By thinking creatively about how you can pursue your passion while still making a living, you’ll get closer to reaching your dream job without losing financial stability.

“This would be a good time to think outside the box and consider where passions could be applied in ways that aren’t immediately obvious,” said Osborne. “My dream in life is to be a Hollywood film director. I realized that if I could apply the same level of artistry and creativity to corporate videos as I would to a film, then my corporate videos would be cinematic, I’d be proud of them, and I’d have fun making them.” 

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