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For corporate video production, Toronto businesses from a wide variety of sectors trust Minifridge Media to tell their story to the world. Our team of skilled creatives, video editors and videographers will execute your vision, no matter your budget.

Why We're Here

Minifridge Media was founded in response to a problem with video production in Toronto. We found that while many Toronto companies were in need of high-quality video collateral, they had few good options to choose from.


Companies in need of video were often presented with a poor set of options: They could either work with massive commercial video production companies, or low-budget startups. Neither option fulfilled the video production needs of small and medium-sized businesses while still respecting their budgets.


Minifridge Media bridges that gap, providing high-quality corporate videos at the right price point for Toronto-based businesses. Now established as an award-winning video agency, Minifridge Media’s video production services have made their name across Canada.



At Minifridge Media, our corporate video production services start with learning everything about your business. This includes your corporate history, core services, unique qualities and company values.

It all has a role to play in how your message should be conveyed, and we use that information as a foundation upon which we lay out our strategic plan. Our goal is to create a unique, impactful and memorable message suited perfectly to your purposes.

Thanks to our full-service and high quality corporate video production, Toronto companies of all kinds have sought out Minifridge Media for the following types of video.



For any company in Toronto that wants the world to know their story, a corporate video profile is an absolute must.


Whether you want to catch the eye of potential investors or simply build brand awareness and collect new clients, a company profile video is the ideal way to introduce your company and establish your foothold in the market.


This kind of video can give clients and observers alike an understanding of what your company does and how it operates, which helps build trust, loyalty and authority.


The corporate world can move at a dizzying pace, which makes it hard to keep everyone pushing in the right direction. But the right corporate video production can help your business share an engaging message with your entire workforce.


Whether you want to thank everyone for reaching annual goals, address organizational issues or simply give everyone a pat on the back and boost morale, video productions are an effective and efficient way to get your message to an entire organization.



One of the greatest services a video production company can provide is to help you share your clients’ positive experiences with the world. An honest and elegant video production is easily consumed by new potential clients, and it is one of the most effective ways for a company to build a loyal following.


To recruit top talent, Toronto-based companies need to connect with qualified candidates in a way that they will find inspiring and authentic, which is something that even the most sublimely written job posting can’t accomplish.


With recruitment videos, you can position your company to be the destination of choice in your field.


Whether you want to thank everyone for reaching annual goals, address organizational issues or simply give everyone a pat on the back and boost morale, video productions are an effective and efficient way to get your message to an entire organization.




For Toronto-based companies involved in niche products and services, a video production company can help develop engaging video content that can be easily digested to answer your clients’ most frequently asked questions.


For companies in Toronto with large workforces or high employee turnover, video production services for educational and training videos provide outstanding return on investment. Not only can your company save a great deal on the costs associated with personalized training, employees get the chance to review their training videos at their own pace.


Better yet, they can re-watch the ones they want to review as many times as they need. In this way, they are a cost-effective and highly efficient solution to the problem of staff training.



Recapping large-scale events like festivals or conferences has long been a mainstay of video production companies, and for good reason! Showcasing the accomplishments of your organization’s successful event to your target audience can give your public relations a shot in the arm and help ensure the success of future events.

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"They got our business immediately and lead with a script that was pretty much dead on from the get-go. Their corporate video of OMX allowed us to automate our sales process further, by including the video as the initial "demo" of OMX."


Nicole Verkindt
Dragon on CBC's Next Gen Den

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