Case Study: Pasta Night




Pasta Night is all about authenticity. Once a week, they’ll deliver you a family’s dinner worth of piping hot pasta, along with salad and dessert. It’s a new, authentically Italian recipe each week;  for instance, this week it could be Conchigliette Amatriciana Al Forno, with Cranberry and Almond Salad and Raspberry Panna Cotta. This isn’t just pasta in a box, it’s an experience.

THE Videos

Pasta Night was brave enough to let us do something unusual and counter-intuitive. We centered the commercial around a character who *doesn’t* like the product; an old-school Nonna who doesn’t understand why her grandsons would eat anyone else’s pasta but hers. Of course, that just gives them an excuse to talk about how good the pasta is, how authentic it is, how convenient, etc. And, more importantly, it gives the video drama and conflict, which is the key to keeping people interested!

Social Media Versions

We knew a 2-minute dialogue scene was a lot to ask, so we created several shorter versions that featured on-screen subtitles in beautiful Italian-style font.

Pasta Night__Still 1
Pasta Night__Still 2
Pasta Night__Still 3

Client /

Pasta Night

Deliverables /

1 x Full Length Video

2 x 15 Second Spots

3 x 30 Second Spots

Services /

Creative, Production & Post

Agency /

Minifridge Media

Production Company /

Minifridge Media

Director /

Andrew Osborne


Mariana Rossi

Andrew Osborne

Actors /

Giueseppina Bortolussi

Matthew Giuffrida

Michael Perrotti

Paul Loduca

Casting Director /

Molly Knight

Director of Photography /

Kevin Lien

Gaffer /

Andy Young

Key Grip /

Carine Zahner


Rainier Croft

Sound /

Eric Berall

Art Director /

Zannub Houssein

Still Photographer /

Andy Vanderkaay

Editor /

Andrew Osborne

Assistant Editor /

Mariana Rossi

Colourist / 

Erik Bayley, Nice Shoes

Year /