Case Study: Reliable Uberlight Flex




The Uberlight Flex is a flexible tasklight with many features. You can use it for specialized hobbies, like model painting or woodworking, or you can use it for everyday activities, like reading, doing schoolwork and taking selfies. We could have done a simple montage video that showed all these activities, but that seemed kinda obvious.

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Instead, we came up with a funny, conflict-filled story that would naturally feature all the use-cases of the Uberlight. A hobbyist father and his teenage daughter both want the light for different things, so they steal it back and forth from each other, until finally the dad gets fed up and just buys another one. It’s a happy ending for the characters, and for the client!


This video had an overwhelmingly positive response on Facebook. It achieved a view-through rate of 33%, which is unheard of for a 2-minute commercial. That means that out of the 400K people who saw it, 135 thousand people chose to watch the entire thing! There were 1.3K likes, 262 organic shares and 203 comments, with multiple people calling it “the best commercial I’ve ever seen.”

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Client /

Reliable Corporation

Deliverables /

1 x Full Length Video

1 x 30 Second Spot

Services /

Creative, Production & Post

Agency /

Minifridge Media

Production Company /

Minifridge Media

Director /

Andrew Osborne


Andrew Osborne

Actors /

Sasha Samuels
Manuella De Castro

Casting Director /

Molly Knight

Director of Photography /

Kevin Lien

Gaffer /

Daniel Shpuntov

Sound /

Eric Berall

Production Designer /

Lexi Cook

Stills /

Anthony D'Elia

Editor /

Andrew Osborne

Assistant Editor /

Naseem Loloie

Colourist / 

Aaron Hall

Year /