Case Study: Terra Delyssa

Terra Delyssa



Everyone recognizes Terra Delyssa Olive Oil from its iconic dark glass bottle and yellow label, but not everyone remembers what its called. The folks at CHO America wanted to change that. They asked us to create an ad campaign that would make the name ‘Terra Delyssa’ stick, while also making them stand out as a brand the way their bottle stands out on the shelves.

THE Videos

First, we came up with the main characters: Terry and Elyssa. Combine the names, and you get ‘Terra Delyssa.’ And what better way to bring them together than through an epic love story, inspired by telenovelas, the French new wave, and the films of Wes Anderson? Luckily, CHO bought into our ambitious vision, and gave us carte blanche to be as silly, romantic, and over-the-top as possible.


These were TV spots first and foremost, and they racked up millions of impressions on Linear TV, playing over 1600 times in Canada. On YouTube, they achieved notably high engagement rates, ranging from 46 to 67%. The videos did particularly well on YouTube for TV, with a 48% view-through rate—-which doesn’t surprise us, considering how cinematic they are.

Social Media Versions

The video at the top of the page is Part 1 of the story; you can see Parts 2 & 3 below. We did :15 & :6 second versions of all 3 spots, and also reformatted the videos so they could be used as Instagram Story ads.

Terra Delyssa__Still 1
Terra Delyssa__Still 2
Terra Delyssa__Still 3

Client /

Terra Delyssa

Deliverables /

3 x 30s Videos, ENG & FRE

3 x 15s Videos, ENG & FRE

3 x 6s Videos, ENG & FRE

Services /

Creative, Production & Post

Agency /

Minifridge Media

Production Company /

Minifridge Media

Director /

Andrew Osborne


Mariana Rossi

Andrew Osborne

Actors /

Ethan Laniado

Taylor Brunatti

Casting Director /

Molly Knight

Director of Photography /

Kevin Lien

Assistant Director /

Brendon Cabral

1st AC /

Tristan Ng

Gaffer /

Sam Holling

Key Grip /

Mahmoud Sarouji

Production Designer /

Selina Nagales

Art Assistant /


Sound /

Jake Moss

Food Stylist /

Megan Powell

Stills /

Anthony D'Elia

Make-up & Hair /

Su-Jin Lee

Editor /

Andrew Osborne

Assistant Editor /

Mariana Rossi

Colourist / 

Kevin Wu, Artjail

VFX / 

Monik Bhatt

Sound Mix / 

Alex Muli

Year /