Case Study: Splash Water

Splash water



Splash Water sells water in a can. Cans are recyclable, which means they’re much better for the environment than plastic bottles. This was Splash’s first video, and they wanted it to set the tone: There’s a war on plastic, and you’re either in, or you’re in the way.

THE Videos

Inspired by films like The Sandlot, Splash’s founders Zach and Daniel came to us with an idea for a video about a bunch of kids on bikes who attack a grandma for drinking a plastic bottle. We took their concept and ran with it, and the result has more swear words, violence and rap music than any previous video we’ve done. Setting the tone, indeed.

Social Media Versions

We shot a series of Instagram Story ads featuring a charming young man named Ricky, who threatens the viewer with a schoolyard beating if they don’t smarten up and ditch the plastic.

Splash Water__Still 3 (1)
Splash Water__Still 2 (1)
Splash Water__Still 1 (1)

Client /

Splash Water

Deliverables /

1 x Full Length Video​

4 x 15 Second Spots

4 x 6 Second Spots

Services /

Creative, Production & Post

Agency /

Minifridge Media

Production Company /

Minifridge Media

Director /

Andrew Osborne


Mariana Rossi

Andrew Osborne

Actors /

Jackson Polidano

Aleck Mackinnon

Justin Lupo

Prince-Daniel Ebiakpor Ambiri

Mia Fuentes

Noah Julian Fares

Brenda Gale Pye

Andrew Yang Muhlbacher

Casting Director /

Molly Knight

Director of Photography /

Kevin Lien

1st AC /

Alex Medeiros

Swing /

Alec Holbrough

Sound /

Sean Singh

Editor /

Andrew Osborne

Assistant Editor /

Mariana Rossi

Colourist / 

Erik Bayley, Nice Shoes

Year /