Video Spotlight: Brili

Updated: Jan 11

In this continuing series, we will be taking an in-depth look at one of our promotional videos: what went into making it, and the kind of ROI that our client got out of it!

They say that the number one rule in filmmaking is to avoid working with children and dogs. In this video for Brili, we did both. And while the shoot was challenging, the result was totally worth it!

Brili is an app that 'turns your children's routine into a game.' It creates a personalized, interactive schedule that walks your child through their daily morning tasks, from getting dressed to having breakfast, and rewards them with points and screen-time.

Brili video spotlight

The great folks at Brili wanted a promotional video that would show their app in action and portray a morning routine from start to finish. The only problem was, showing a whole morning might take a long time, and these days, shorter videos typically receive a lot more engagement and attention.

However, when you have a product that people are truly interested in, and a video that is entertaining and engaging throughout, amazing things can happen!


We created a video that clocked in at 1 minute 43 seconds. The average view duration on YouTube was 1 minute 27 seconds, or 84%.

The average view duration for a typical YouTube advertisement is between 25-30%, So an 84% view duration is about triple the average—a very high score indeed! 

mobile screen with dog image

Considering that the video received 4.5K YouTube views, that's a lot of potential customers who were riveted by the child's journey with Brili and wanted to follow along til the end.

Not only that, but the video did very well on social media with little-to-no paid promotion. It received 100 organic shares and 13.7K views on Facebook.

Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts! And if you want a longer video that still manages to effectively hold your customer's attention, give us a call.