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Helping Toronto brands and businesses tell their stories through video.

The Top Tier Toronto Video Production Services You Need

Everyone wants to market with videos these days. And it's easy to see why. 


A well-made promotional video will explain your business's concept and value to potential customers faster than text or images ever could. 

Check out our demo reel to see some of our work.

We're a Toronto video production company that creates effective video content for businesses, agencies, brands & organizations. 

Minifridge Media makes fantastic and effective videos that really work, and we’re proud of it. Based in Toronto, we create our videos from scratch, and we make them with passion. 


Blessed with some of the best talent in the video production industry, our team will help you create a slick corporate video, craft your company’s brand story through social media, or put together a Oscar-worthy commercial for your business.  


And the best part? Not only do they look and sound terrific while telling compelling stories, our full-service video agency achieves concrete results for our customers.








What’s the point of having a great product or service if you can’t share that news with the world? Explaining your value proposition on a website is a good start, but to truly get to the next level, you need more than simple text and images. With us, you get Toronto video production at its very finest, from pre-production right through to the final commercial, brand video, customer testimonial or product demo. 


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Corporate video production is a slightly different animal than more traditional promotional videos or brand-expanding social campaigns. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use an effective video production to show off your staff, your office, or connect with customers! Minifridge Media can handle any corporate video production request, from recruitment or training videos to C-Suite interviews and beyond. 


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Any company worth their salt needs a video marketing strategy to take advantage of the reach of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok and beyond. Trust our team to create short, impactful video content for your social media channels of choice, and you’ll capture your demographic's attention and strengthen engagement more quickly than you might think! 


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Our Toronto video production company makes a lot of people happy! Dive into some of the articles below and learn more about how some of our award-winning videos get made, and how our video services can bring your organization to the next level.


Want to see what it’s like behind the scenes at a top-tier Toronto video production company? Check out some of these photos from some of our video productions.


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One of Toronto’s most successful video production companies, the team at Minifridge Media are experts at producing everything from cool commercials to stylish corporate videos to engaging social media content. 


Our full-service video production company takes on the important challenge of producing high-quality video content to help Toronto brands and businesses tell their stories and stand out from the crowd. With dozens of happy clients and award winning campaigns, there’s a good reason that we have a near-perfect 4.8 on 5 score on Google! 


 The production services offered by Minifridge Media are handled by experienced freelance and non-union creative professionals​, including the best camera crews, sound recordists, make-up artists, editors, colourists and VFX artists around. 


We’ll not only capture your objectives and tell a story well, we’ll also enhance your brand and your business by generating informative, engaging and polished video material, no matter the scope.

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