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At Minifridge Media, we’re passionate about what we do. Thanks to our team’s extensive videography knowledge and expertise, we help businesses tell the story they want to communicate to their audiences. Our extensive pre-production and post-production work will ensure that your video achieves its goals, whether it’s videos for corporate events, a commercial, or something designed to tell your brand story through social media.   

Why We're Here

Our videographers in Toronto love planning, capturing, and creating fun and effective videos for our clients. Before we came along, too many small and medium-sized businesses were stuck paying large commercial video production companies for over-priced results, or working with low-budget startups who produced poor-quality video content. No more!


The videographers at Minifridge Media answer the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. We respect their budgets and provide high-quality video content that will bring your concept to life! From a promotional video to event videography to behind-the-scenes to tutorials, Minifridge Media is the group of Toronto videography experts you need to work with if you want results.






Our Toronto videographers work their magic to ensure that your videos capture the audience’s attention and increase viewer engagement. With each project, we set out to do an amazing job -  and we achieve this goal every time.!

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A business may know what they want to say in their commercials, but they dont’ always know how to put it all together into a finished package. That’s where our video production team comes in! Our writers, directors, producers, and editors work with Toronto companies to design great commercials that elevate your brand while delivering an impactful message.


We give companies a boost in their video marketing with branded content designed for social media platforms and audiences. Vlogs, testimonials, and social media ads drive more traffic and generate more engagement with your company that you know, so take advantage of our branded content services!

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Reach clients or staff through various types of corporate videos that are creative and informative. From interviews to FAQ videos to company addresses, our full-service corporate video production plans, executes, and edits while working with Toronto companies to deliver an impactful message. 

"When our firm reached out to Minifridge Media, we had a very specific goal in mind: tell a story and tell it well. Without a doubt, they captured our objectives impeccably. In the end, we were left with a product that has enhanced our business and brand far beyond our expectations."

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