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Like all great stories, this one starts in a bar...


The year was 2015. Our founder, Andrew David Osborne, was comfortably ensconced in the world of television commercials. He had a job at a top Toronto editing firm, working on commercials for massive brands like FedEx, BMO, Expedia and Orville Redenbacher's. 


But he felt something was missing. He didn't just want to edit commercials, he wanted to make them, from start to finish.  One cold November night, while out at a bar with friends, Andrew met the CEO of a large tech company who happened to be the same age as him. This inspiring young man, Bryan Gold, said his company #Paid needed an explainer video. 


"Not only should you make our video, you should start a company where you make videos for other businesses too!" he said to Andrew, over a plate of chicken wings. "Pass the dipping sauce," Andrew replied ravenously.


So Andrew made #Paid a video. Then another friend asked for a video for his company. Once he had some work to show, Andrew started cold-calling businesses asking if THEY needed a video (if you're a business in the GTA, chances are he's called you). Turns out, many of them did.

Fast-forward to today. Minifridge Media has made over 100 videos for a diverse range of clientele. And yet we still treat every client like they're our first. That means answering phone calls and emails on time, delivering when we say we're going to deliver, respecting the budget, and executing the vision. Sometimes we even take them out for chicken wings.







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